About The Merchants Guild

The way trading works in Elder Scrolls Online means that guilds focused on the activity of trade will be vital in normalizing economic activity within the game. A player's access to multiple, private, guild markets creates very interesting opportunities for those that enjoy profiting through trade.

You don't have to just take our word for it though.

... trading works within your guilds and you can be in multiple guilds. So what we kinda expect is for the community to start making merchant guilds where they’re buying low selling high-end doing economy that way because with our mega server technology we can’t just have everybody on one huge auction house and have 10 100 billion cabbages up for sale. So the way that we do it is you trade within the guilds that your part of. Right now you can be part of 5. Right now the Guild’s limit is currently 300. We have not stress tested that so I don’t know if that number is going to fluctuate here and there. It probably won’t go very far away from 300 so merchant guilds are probably going to be very worthwhile. - Maria Aliprando (ESO Creature Combat Designer; Zenimax Online)

Why should you join the Merchants guild?

  • Pricing Power

    Increased access to markets when buying or selling means better prices for you.

  • Item Availability

    Trade guilds are likely to have a better inventory of items for sale.

  • Arbitrage

    Buy low in one market and sell high in another

  • No expectation of time investment

    Unlike guilds focused on PVP, high-end PVE, or those taking a one-size-fits-all approach, a trade guild really only exists to give you access to their market. This means little responsibility and low time requirements in exchange for a big benefit.


The guild has been up and running with an active in-game market since early morning during first day of early access.  The site is still a bit of a work-in-progress, but it's fully functional.  If you're here, please register an account and say 'hi' on the forum.  Feedback is appreciated.

'To do' Items

  • Fix bug in forum that lists the last post even if has been moved or deleted.
  • Correct the bad 'item level' information that is reported by the ESO client.